Finding EB-5 Franchise Opportunities

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Finding EB-5 Franchise Opportunities

EB-5 franchise opportunities have become a prudent option for an immigrant investor looking to obtain US residency. The nature of a franchise is such that it withholds the ability to duplicate a successful business model, thus taking away some of the potential hardships an EB-5 investor may face with a start-up company. Despite one’s business success in his or her home country, coming to the US, a foreign place for the investor, may cause language, familial, or cultural barriers to the success of their business here. Franchises typically have a successful marketing and branding strategy in place, along with policies and procedures, that eliminate some of these obstacles.

Success in EB-5 Franchise Opportunities

Since the EB-5 green card is conditional for a period of two years, the immigrant investor must work hard to establish a new business, create jobs, provide training for staff, and include detailed information for USCIS approval. Buying into a franchise may eliminate these challenges. Having a corporate brand name, like that of a franchise, can help the EB-5 investor gain credibility faster with US customers. Additionally, since the investor is not required to have in-depth business knowledge or training himself, a franchise opportunity would include professional training for him and his staff. Having a guarantee that the business model works means the EB-5 investor is closer to securing his permanent residence within the US. Overall, the chance of the business surviving, jobs being established, and all of the investment funds being used is much higher in a franchise setting with proven products, services, and systems.

Franchise Owners Looking for Investors

In the years leading to 2012 alone, EB-5 investments brought over $3 million dollars and sustained over 65,000 jobs in the United States economy. Franchise owners realize that with immigrant investors comes great reward. An EB-5 investor has a lot more at stake than a business owner who is already a citizen of the United States. An immigrant investor will work much harder with a lot more risk at hand to satisfy the conditions of the I-829 petition as well as to fund the business. The franchise owner knows the potential franchisee is prepared with $500,000 – $1 million to invest into building their unit of the company, creating a win-win situation.

Experienced EB-5 Investment Attorneys

Ultimately, when making an EB-5 investment, the key to the successful journey to residency is working with experienced EB-5 investment attorneys. At Barst, our team has over 20 years of experience working with foreign investors from nearly every country. Gain support in your native language, retain a team that knows about the nuances of the immigration system, and find the right EB-5 franchise opportunity for you. Contact our team today to start the process.

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