Becoming a U.S. Permanent Resident Through the EB-5 Program

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Becoming a US Permanent Resident Through the EB-5 Program

The process of becoming a US Permanent Resident through the EB-5 investment program is made up of a few key steps. As the journey begins for a foreign investor, retaining EB-5 investment attorneys is critical in securing permanent residence.

The I-526 Petition

The first step under the Fifth Preference Category of Employment-Based Immigration is to show evidence that the investor has a source and legal path of funds. Depending on location, the USCIS requires foreign investors to venture either $500,00 or $1M. Evidence to indicate proof of funds, tax returns, source of money, and foreign business registration records must be submitted. Additionally, evidence that 10 new jobs were created, not including any nuclear family members or the investor himself, that the commercial enterprise has been established in the targeted employment area, and that the EB-5 investor is actively involved is required. Once this paperwork and the application fee has been submitted by our attorneys, the investor will be notified of approval.

The Consular Interview

As your approved I-526 petition is sent to the National Visa Center, the consular processing begins. The purpose is to ensure the foreign applicant is not subject to grounds of inadmissibility. The Barst LLP EB-5 investment attorneys can make the petition and interview process easier to understand. Our team speaks more than a dozen languages and can help overcome barriers to approval. The interview itself is typically over in minutes. Preparing to answer the interview questions is best done with our EB-5 investment attorneys guiding you and securing the appropriate documents for submission.

Removal of Conditional Green Card

USCIS requirements indicate that, “You must submit Form I-829 within the 90-day period immediately before the second year of your admission to the U.S. as a conditional permanent resident.” Evidence of your investment into a new or troubled commercial enterprise is required. Evidence may include organizational documents, federal tax returns, and evidence that the full investment was sustained for two years via bank statements, invoices, contracts, financial statements, etc.

EB-5 Green Card and Beyond

The EB-5 attorneys at Barst will assist you and your family even beyond becoming a US Permanent Resident in the US. With 20+ years of immigration experience in New York City, we understand the implications the EB-5 investment has on your family. Barst ensures the welfare of all of our clients and their families and we can help you establish professional connections to make your move to the US easy. We can also help establish professional relationships for your business and personal life through leveraging decades of connections, skills, and experience. Contact us today to start the process.

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